Disappointed with the recent lack of XBLA titles making it onto DOTW? Skint after the recent overload of 1200 MSP priced games released this summer? Well never fear as Microsoft have cut the price on a number of XBLA games this week. If your wallet’s still begging for mercy after Summer of Arcade then you may want to look away now:

Panzer General: Allied Assault – was 800 MSP now 400 MSP
War World – was 800 now 400 MSP
Tetris Splash – was 800 now 400 MSP
CellFactor: Psychokinetc wars – was 800 now 400 MSP
Voodoo Dice – was 800 now 400 MSP
Bejeweled 2 – was 800 now 400 MSP

Theres no rush though, these price cuts are permanent. Many thanks to our twitter tipper @j5chnitz.