Here at XBLA Fans we want to give back to our readers. About a year ago we started daily XBLA giveaways on twitter. Every weekday afternoon, we give away an XBLA title, DLC pack or avatar item to one lucky random winner. To enter, make sure to follow us and watch our feed closely each day. The contests are normally open for an hour or two depending on our work schedules each week.

We realize that many readers don’t have access during the day to twitter. So to make that up to them, we are starting weekly Facebook contests. Entering is as simple as liking that week’s Giveaway post, which will always be visible on the top-left of our Facebook page. We highly suggest liking us on Facebook if you want to be aware of each week’s contest.

We have to give a big thank you to all the developers who have supported us and helped us with these giveaways. We really appreciate the love shown to the Xbox Live Arcade Community. This week’s giveaways were donated by Microsoft and Zen Studios.


This week we will be giving away copies of Sine Mora and South Park, as well as copies of a few Pinball FX 2 tables and the Joe Danger SE Showtime DLC.  There is always the chance for a few surprises each week so make sure to stay tuned to our twitter feed and let us know what games you want to see!


This week’s Facebook giveaway is Sine Mora. The winner will be selected on Friday, April 6. Bear with us though, as that is the first day of PAX East and XBLA Fans’ Birthday so we might be a little late to award the winner.