The team behind XBLA Fans has some pretty awesome projects in the works. We want to continue to be your source for XBLA news, previews, reviews, commentary and most importantly to me — discussion. Nothing makes me happier than seeing how the community has embraced us. I love having the ability to foster discussion and connect fans with developers. I love that we are able to help find unique and interesting stories. We aren’t focusing on analytics; we are focusing on cultivating interactivity.

So we are going to be delivering content through additional mediums this year. We are going to be interacting more on Facebook, more on Twitter, more on our Forums, and more through the XBLA Fans site itself.

At this time, we are looking to add 2-3 additional writers who can work on original news and features. You will need to be comfortable interviewing developers and asking questions, and must be 18 or older, as we use real names for our writers. Beyond that requirement, we can teach the rest. The position is entirely voluntary but provides you with a great resume builder. Feel free to talk to our team about what it’s like working at XBLA Fans; we think they’ll give it a pretty great recommendation. For these general writing positions you can live anywhere in the world, all you need is writing ability and an Xbox 360. Please let us know if you own a Kinect.

If the position interests you, please send an email with a resume and writing sample to If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments or include them with your application email.