Here at XBLA Fans, we are all about getting our readers the best in XBLA news, reviews, interviews, and discussion. We consider ourselves to be experts in the field, having played nearly every game on the service in some form or another. But what you call yourself isn’t really as important as how others see you. That is why when we were approached by GameSauce to collaborate with them on XBLA Interviews we were thrilled.

Gamesauce is one of the leading game industry trade magazines and online news portals. Offering factual and in-depth behind-the-industry centered content, their focus is on the people behind the games concentrating on funny stories & anecdotes, wisdom & experience and/or tips & tricks that developers are prepared to share with the rest of the game industry. Their interviews and content try to go in-depth in an empathic way and also put the people behind companies in products in the spotlight they so often deserve.

The editorial staff at XBLA Fans will be delving into the development community that creates XBLA Games for GameSauce. Our unique perspectives and analysis as XBLA experts will allow us to help create content for Gamesauce that will showcase the development processes and developers themselves. We look forward to the coming months.

Head over to Gamesauce and check out the magazine in its online form. It is definitely worth a read. Their work is unmatched. Down the road you should see a few familiar names, including John Laster, John Carson, Kaitlyn Chantry, Tyler Cameron, Ross Adams and Andrew Crews.