Capcom published title World Gone Sour will launch on XBLA April 11 for 400 Microsoft Points. World Gone Sour (part game, part marketing-tool) is based on the candy brand Sour Patch. It charts the journey of a lost Sour Patch Kid on his pilgrimage into the dank, stinking recesses of the human stomach. Presumably being churned through an acidic cavern and slowly digested isn’t quite as bad as it sounds written down.

You’ll guide the Sour Patch chap through locations like ‘movie theatre with sticky floors’ and ‘spooky shack’, putting to use jumps, twists and puzzle-solving to overcome all the perils en route to the human stomach. Capcom promises the game will feature two-player local co-op play, leaderboard support and, of course, achievements. Method Man’s track World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids) will feature while Creed Bratton of The Office fame provides wisecracks on the side.