Everything we know about the future of Apex Legends, battle passes, new legends, new weapons and new maps.

It’s interesting to see just how far Apex Legends has come so quickly, in such a short bit of time. Not only has the game already surpassed 25 million total players, but it also reached over two million concurrent players. That’s just the icing on the cake though, however, as Apex Legends has also taken the crown away from Fortnite Battle Royale for the most-viewed game on both Twitch and Mixer. With the game absolutely disintegrating milestones, it wouldn’t be wrong to wonder what’s next for the still fresh Battle Royale, and what players can expect to see in the coming months.

The one feature for the game that was previously announced during the Apex Legends reveal stream, was the introduction of the battle pass and revelation that the first season of the game would begin in March. There are planned seasons to follow in June, September, and December. This shows that each season will be three months long, which is on par with Fortnite’s seasons. But what does each season have in-store? A roadmap of the game shown during the Livestream indicated the release of a battle pass each season, along with potential new legends, new weapons and more customizable loot for your legends.

With that said, what can players expect in terms of new additions? At the present time, there are three offensive legends, two defensive legends, and two support-style legends. The character Bloodhound brandishes a different symbol than all the other legends, with what looks like a radar. This reconnaissance type legend can scan and highlight nearby enemies, as well as track where enemies have been and how long ago they were there. His abilities could easily have been represented as supporting alongside Lifeline and Pathfinder. No other legend has this symbol currently, which could indicate another possible addition of this type in the future.

The idea of new weapons can be a welcomed thought or an absolute nightmare, depending on what might be added. At present, there are three Assault Rifles, three Submachine Guns, two Light Machine Guns, four shotguns (including the Mozambique pistol/shotgun hybrid), three Pistols and four Sniper Rifles. The variety of weapons are definitely balanced between weapon classes. Being that the game is based in the Titanfall universe, it only makes sense that the weapons included are originally from Titanfall games. What you may not know, is that not every gun from the most recent Titanfall game is present in Apex Legends. Could the next weapons we see be the two missing Submachine Guns, the CAR and the Volt? The L-star was an energy-based Light Machine Gun with a small magazine that would bring that class of weapons up to three available. One thing we don’t see at all are any of the grenadier-type weapons from Titanfall 2. This could very well have been due to balancing issues, though it’s not wrong to think they may be introduced later. The only other weapons not included would be the satchel, which was a throwable explosive you could throw down and trigger manually, as well as the SMART pistol which would automatically lock-on to nearby enemies. Respawn wouldn’t be cruel enough to add such a weapon into the game though, right?

Respawn Entertainment has wasted no time in introducing content to the game based around holidays. With Valentine’s Day, players have the option to earn the ‘Live Die Live’ badge in-game simply by reviving a player between February the 13th and the 19th. The event also introduces the ‘Through the heart’ weapon skin and ‘Love of the Game’ banner frame for Pathfinder, both available in the apex store for 1,100 Apex coins. With this small content drop for a holiday that’s not really a major holiday makes us question what the Devs have in store in terms of content for more popular holidays. The next potential holiday would likely be St. Patricks Day in March, so there’s potential that there’s a bit of green on the horizon.

Apex Legends battles take place on the island of King’s Canyon; the game’s only map. The map varies with different desert and grass biomes, as well as some rural areas mixed in together. The very idea that this map comes with a name would suggest that it’s more than likely going to take on the style of different maps offered in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and not like Fortnite’s map, which doesn’t have a name and has evolved over time through each season. This could mean that we could see more maps with new and interesting biomes, such as a snow-based map similar to PUBG’s Vikendi, or a grass and forest-based based map similar to Sanhok. It will be interesting to see where our legends may end up next and what unique ideas Respawn has to separate the game even more from existing titles.

Apex Legends first tournament premiered on February 12th. The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Challenge which brought in 48 of Twitch’s biggest streamers in teams of three competing live for the top spot and the prize pool of $200,000. Among the 48 included were some of the more popular streamers including Ninja, Shroud and DrDisrespect. The tournament is set to continue on February 19th. Another tournament,  the Code Red Apex Legends Tournament hosted by DrDisrespect is set to start tomorrow, February 15th, and will come with a prize pool of $20,000. Apex Legends popularity could potentially help Respawn to promote their own tournaments in the future around the world similar to Fortnite and the various skirmishes, including the most recent Fortnite Australia Open.  Respawn could go the other direction, and the game could continue with sponsored tournaments by outside companies and players alike.

We’re still very much into the birth of Apex Legends given that the game is only a week and half old. The popularity around the game is sure to broaden even further, and it’ll be interesting to see how well players will adapt to future updates based around balancing and added weapons. It’s also worth noting that some players have already hit the highest level the game has to offer (level 100). Whether or not more levels will be added in the future or whether or not levels reset at the start of each season remains to be seen. Apex Legends has already came packed with an abundance of content, and the tease of even more content around new legends and weapons means we’ll just have to wait and see where it all goes.