This is a new piece we’re starting to let our readers know what we’ve been playing the past week. This will be coming out once a week from this point and should give a little insight into what we play just for fun. Please leave a comment letting us know what games have you hooked.

John Laster: Playing a ton of Brink and loving it. The game is an absolute blast when you can get a good group of friends online. I think I’ve found my new Shadowrun.

Ben Fisher: Rift!, Gears Beta, Played Red Faction Armageddon demo, debating on if I should jump back into Mass Effect 2 to finish it before 3 comes out.

John Carson: I’ve recently utilized the 360’s Games on Demand service to finally start playing Tales of Vesperia. Ill also be dropping into Section 8: Prejudice for the first time this weekend.

Andrew Crews: This week I played a ton of Gatling Gears for review. I finally finished up with all the achievements yesterday and let me tell you that one of the harder XBLA completions of 2011 thus far. I also finished up the Portal 2 co-op campaign.

Todd Strickland: I’ve been playing Brink, never letting the co-op count drop below four, as well as sampling some of the XBLA fair of May that I didn’t purchase. My Borderlands GOTY disk is making its rounds to my friends so Borderlands DLC is next.

Stephen Haberman: Well, after two years, which is the longest a 360 has lasted for me, I decided to upgrade to the 360 slim with Kinect. I tried out the Dance Central demo, messed around with Kinect Adventures, and then decided I was more in a controller mood, and went back to my game in NBA 2K11.

Damon Fillman: I have been balancing armor and invisibility in Crysis 2 to my advantage until I can solve the crimes in a meticulously recreated Los Angeles during the 1940s next week.

Perry Jackson: I’ve been re-playing Fallout 3 and slowly going through Half-Life 2 for the first real time after 6 years and like Damon, twiddling my thumbs for L.A. Noire.

James Heiger: I am gutting my way through Star Raiders right now.  I play a round of Outrun every half hour or so to cleanse my pallette.

Nathan Bowring: I have finished Portal 2 co-op, which is so frustratingly fun, and have started replaying Alan Wake on nightmare difficulty. It still gives me the creeps.

John Drawdy: This week I have been consumed by Gears of War 3 BETA trying to finish up a few awards before they take it away for months. I have played some Castlevania: SOTN as well as sprinkling in some Section 8: Prejudice to prepare for the play date this weekend.