What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each Sunday. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

John Laster – I’ve been working on a special project on an unreleased game. All I can say is Summer of Arcade looks like it will end with a bang.

Steve Melton – Tried out From Dust. Kaitlyn was right; it’s definitely a Try It.

Todd Schlickbernd – I played Bastion for about two hours, loved it, then I had to leave for another convention. Can’t wait to get back to it.

Stephen Haberman – Well, it has been a busy week on iOS, playing a lot of Swords and Soldiers and well as Zombie Gunner. Both have kept me plenty busy while on the road. I look forward to a more conventional week of gaming this week.

Perry Jackson – Been playing this one cool game but I can’t talk about it so you’ll just have to wait and see. Other than that, beat Bastion and it’s pretty great but I don’t find it as brilliant as others see it. Still totally recommend it!

Jonathan Cole – I’ve been running through much the same as the other guys here at XBLAFans as far as Summer of Arcade goes. Aside from that, I’ve still been addicted to Team Fortress 2 and trying to finish up Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

Damon Fillman – I went back to the amazing Torchlight and I don’t plan on stopping until I reach the level cap.  I’ve also been altering terrain in a little game called From Dust.  Who knew crafting worlds with sand and water would be this much fun?