What we are playing is a weekly column published on Sunday. Select members  of the team talk about the games they’ve been playing over the past week and  which they’re most looking forward to.

What We Are Playing

Kevin Plumtree – I picked up the [easyazon-link asin=”B0050SYLRK” locale=”us”]Assassin’s Creed III[/easyazon-link] season pass on sale and have subsequently caught up on the Tyranny of King Washington DLC.  While not stellar, I have enjoyed it and look forward to the final chapter later this month.  I have also put a lot of time into [easyazon-link asin=”B002I0H2AG” locale=”us”]Gears of War: Judgment[/easyazon-link]‘s multiplayer, especially OverRun mode.  I love playing as different classes and finding strategies specifically suited for each one.

Shawn Ryan – I was busy this week, so didn’t have a chance to play much. I did continue my journey through budget titles with [easyazon-link asin=”B0050SYPV2″ locale=”us”]Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2[/easyazon-link], which is alright. I also finally picked up Mark of the Ninja during this week’s sale, and absolutely cannot wait to start it!

Ryan Thompson – I mentioned in my review that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is excellent if the difficult platforming isn’t intimidating.  I love those types of games, and spent my week playing through the game and a few retro platformers like it.

Christine Mitchell – I finished up [easyazon-link asin=”B004FSE52C” locale=”us”]Tomb Raider[/easyazon-link] this week and loved every minute of it.  I’ve now started on Terraria and while it’s quite overwhelming just now I’m looking forward to some epic adventuring.

Scott Baker – I got sucked back into the [easyazon-link asin=”B0050SYK44″ locale=”us”]Borderlands[/easyazon-link]after Gearbox pushed up the level cap. Ironically, I haven’t even started taking advantage of that, but I wanted to play some more of my ridiculously overpowered Anarchist Mechromancer. If you use Anarchy in conjunction with Close Enough, your dismal accuracy will be compensated for by your forgiving ricocheted bullets. Most of the time I don’t bother aiming and will just shoot the ground while everything dies around me. I even got a second wind once by killing a Loader I couldn’t see.

Nick Santangelo – I finished up [easyazon-link asin=”B003O6EB70″ locale=”us”]BioShock Infinite[/easyazon-link] this week. There’s a lot to be said for really letting experiences sink in  and not throwing superlatives around — to hell with all that. Irrational’s sequel is one of the best experiences I’ve had playing a game this generation. It lived up to the almost impossibly high hype and was worth the protracted wait. I also started playing [easyazon-link asin=”B004QEV0MI” locale=”us”]Saint’s Row: The Third[/easyazon-link]. It’s fun.

Nathan Bowring – I spent most of my week playing BattleBlock Theater, a game I’ve been anticipating for what feels like forever. Thankfully the game did not disappoint; I’ve been having a blast playing the co-op campaign, and the competitive mode are pretty good too. Also dove back into Minecraft to check out the new update, but have yet to find an End portal in my new world.

Your turn.