What we are playing is a weekly column published on Sunday. Various members of the team let the world know which games have had them hooked over the past week and which they’re looking forward to.

Perry Jackson – So much preview writing for games like Joe Danger: The Movie, Charlie Murder and so many other games from PAX East. But Fez will dominate my weekend. It’s the best NES game that was never made in that generation.

Nathan Bowring – I’ve been playing much more Skyrim, but my highlight for the week was playing the trial of Fez. I’m amazed by it, and I love how polite the end of the trial is. A must buy for future me.

Matt Liparota – Another relatively gaming-lite week for me, but I did get a bit of time on the new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer maps. And, like everyone else, I played some Fez (although I just demoed it instead of buying – for now). I also played a bit of, of all things, the original Borderlands and Pokemon SoulSilver (my tastes are nothing if not eclectic).

Nick Santangelo – Sunday was the last day of PAX and I got my hands on Fable Heroes, Charlie Murder, Lollipop Chainsaw, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Awesomenauts and Super Time Force. The rest of the week has been largely devoted to an incredibly time-consuming and entertaining indie game called Write the Previews. And then there was Fez. Though I had precious little time to play it, I’m already quite enamored with it.

Ryan Reynolds – Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, some Modern Warfare 3, and I just downloaded Fez. I haven’t had much time to play it yet though.

Ross Adams – Played a little Mass Effect 3 multiplayer but most of my time has been dedicated to Star Wars The Old Republic. I just started playing again and have been pretty hooked all week. Gained about 10 levels over the past few days and well on my way to 50 (max level).

Christine Mitchell –I finished Bastion this week and now can’t decide whether to start a second playthrough or treat myself to Fez.

Nick DePetris – Fez.

Mark Seymour – I’ve been indulging in Fez over the last few days. It’s the shot in the arm XBLA needs and 5 days before Trials Evo launches, exciting times.

What have you been playing this past week?