The unintentional highlight of last night’s The Game Awards was an impassioned speech from the creator of Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (seriously, if you haven’t seen it look it up), but hopefully that didn’t overshadow the new game he was there to show off. A Way Out is an action-adventure about two convicts escaping the law, and must be played co-op at all times. Playing as either the calm Vincent or violent Leo, the game will take two players through their intertwined narratives via dynamic splitscreen. The game was designed for couch co-op in mind, but since that’s not an option for everyone online play is also available. To make it easier to play with a friend, developer Hazelight is offering players a friend’s pass. Anyone who downloads this free trial will be able to play the game in full, so long as they’re with an online partner who’s bought the game. In other words, they’re extended the couch co-op mentality of only needing one copy of the game for two players to the online space.

A Way Out will be available March 23, 2018 for $29.99, and the friend’s pass will be available the same day. Pre-orders for the game are available now. Check out the trailer from The Game Awards below, which offers an in-depth look at the protagonists and their criminal shenanigans.