Black smoke choke

The black smoke on this level will destroy if it catches up with you, so don’t let it. It has to fill in every room it passes by however, so that’ll give you time as you run away right and proper. Be sure not to get caught waiting for things.

Seemingly impassable fire drop

It seems like in one area you might have to wait for the black smoke to put out a fire, but instead just jump towards the edge of it and roll right as you land to get the fire off of you.

Badly conditioned air

There will be a vent with black smoke coming out of it and a crate just before it. Push it in front of the vent, then jump up above it. Then again.

Gas mask fun times!

The third crate seems like the same situation, but instead pull it back, then jump on it and head to the left. Pick up the small item on the left on the ground. It’s a gas mask! So. You won’t die. Which is good. Get this so you won’t die ever from black smoke badness.

Save the girl, save the world!

You’ll see the girl run by and she’ll be all scared and want to get away from you because she’s in trauma. Run after her, and just past the grate, kneel down. She’ll come towards you slowly, just wait for her, then press X to interface with her. She’ll take the gas mask and go make like easier for you, and get you an achievement.

So many buttons!

After the elevator will be a room full of buttons and switches and the like. After hitting the first one, climb on top of the ledge to hit that one, then climb up two ledges then go left and hit that one, then the one to the right of it, then back to the one on the left, then back down a level and hit that switch, then the one below it again.

Now you can go up to the right into the next room over. Go over to the right and climb that area. Carefully avoid the electricity on the ladders then up to the right you’ll get the axe. Yay axe! Finally some death dealing.

Come back down from there and head over to the left, one level above where you came in. Hit the switch outside the door to vent the area on the other side of it. Now come back all the way to the left room and get the switch on the top right, then back over to the right room into the room you just opened up and hit that switch. Then come down to the bottom platform and hit that last switch.

At the bottom of the ladder, go right past the ladder. You run into a wall, which you can smash with the axe.

Crate pushing shenanigans

Come down and push the crate to the right, break the wall to make that easier, then push the crate down twice. Then come over to the right and hit the switch in the room to the far right. Following that push the crate to the left, being careful not to get so much momentum that the fire doesn’t get put out.

More black smoke!

After you see another vent, the smoke will come after you again. Just keep running, when you come to the wall with the ladder shortly after, just climb up it and go along the top, then fall a bit and roll along the bottom.

Level Eight: Victoria Street
Level Six: Hyde Park South