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Once upon a time, Neocore Games‘ upcoming XBLA hack-and-slash title The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was set to star Van Helsing Jr., son of the legendary vampire hunter. Now, however, Junior’s out, and who takes his place is up to you. According to a blog post at Neocore’s website, the developer is asking for fans to vote on one of three heroes – the Mysterious Stranger, the Chevalier or the Veteran – to replace the ousted protagonist.

The change comes in response both to fan reaction to Junior as well as a sense among the dev team that the young hero was a “bit too young and inexperienced for the grand adventure we had in mind.” The team wanted to take fan feedback into account, the blog states, which not only contributed to the decision to change protagonists but will also factor into the decision on who will take up the role. Accompanying the post is an audition video – viewable at the top of this post – created by the team in which the three candidates make their case before the voting public.

The post doesn’t indicate when voting ends, but polls are open now at the dev blog, if you feel so inclined to throw in your two cents. The game also still has a ways to go – we were able to play a pre-alpha build at E3 – so no word on a launch window or any kind of pricing.