How did you respond when Hershel asked about your bum leg? Did you save Shawn, Duck or leave both to be eaten? Who did you side with in a dispute between Kenny and Larry? These are just a handful of decisions players faced while playing through episode one of The Walking Dead, “A New Day.” Player choice plays a big role in how the episode – and future installments – play out, story-wise. Are you at all curious to know whether most players made the same choice as you did, or if you were in the minority? Developer Telltale Games released a video that breaks all of episode one’s choices by percent – check it out after the jump (WARNING: If you haven’t played “A New Day” yet, be warned – the video contains major spoilers).

That’s not all the Walking Dead video action Telltale unleashed upon the Internet this week, however. With the release of episode two, “Starved for Help,” Wednesday, the developer also unveiled a launch trailer for the second installment in the five-part episodic series, which finds protagonist Lee Everett and his fellow survivors in serious need of some sustenance:

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for sweet, succulent flesh (gross), IGN released a teaser trailer for the upcoming third episode, “Long Road Ahead,” Wednesday, which hints at more friction between the survivors:

Based on the popular Image Comic of the same name, The Walking Dead is set in a world in which an apocalyptic zombie outbreak has brought society crashing down, leaving people to fend for themselves in the absence of functioning governments or society at large. The game is set in the same world as Robert Kirkman’s comic series, but follows a different set of survivors (though some characters do make cameo appearances).