Update: The patch is expected to launch Friday baring technical difficulties; however there is a chance it could be delayed a couple days.

After speaking with PR for Smite, we were informed there will be a new update for Smite releasing this Friday, June 26, and it will be bringing plenty of additions to the game. As of this Friday, achievements will be added to be the game and will be made unlockable, something that has been asked about ever since the beta initially began. The Summer of Smite will also be kicking off in the upcoming patch, the event will feature exclusive skins and emotes available to purchase for the duration of the event. The Summer of Smite started back on June 2 for PC players so it’s nice to see it make its way over to Xbox relatively quickly.

There will even be a new god, Ratatoskr, added to the game. Those interested in learning more about Ratatoskr should click here for an in-depth look at the god. This may well be the biggest patch we’ve received yet considering all that will be added, not to metion any bug fixes, nerfs, and buffs.