In an interview with Touch Arcade, Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford mentioned that the developers are toying in the realm of iOS development. “We’re working on something. Nothing to announce yet. Hopefully, relatively soon we’ll having something to share with you guys,” Wilford told Touch Arcade. As he was talking about Capcom’s iOS game MaXplosion which is basically a rip-off of ‘Splosion Man using the same mechanics, “The Capcom fiasco — if you want to call it that — lit a fire under our butts to give [iOS development] a try and see if we can make something there,”. Twisted Pixel working on iOS begs the question of what direction the developer will go after the series of XBLA titles. Maybe they’ll go for a Mega Man-style game to poke fun at Capcom.

Source: Joystiq, Touch Arcade