Twisted Pixel is rolling out the third entry in its series of thematic challenges for Ms. ‘Splosion Man starting on Valentine’s Day, which, for any forgetful male readers out there, is tomorrow. The contest, named “Shoot the Glass,” will run until February 27 and challenges players to obey a directive from Hans Gruber’s by blowing away 33 panes of glass in Nakatomi Tower the game as quickly as they can. Ten seconds will be added to players’ finish time for each one of the clever little devils that “taunt you with their fiendish transparentness” that are missed.

The five U.S. gamers who are able to break the translucent targets quicker than anyone else will be rewarded with a prize package from Omaha Steaks — which should set them up nicely for another upcoming holiday that shan’t be mentioned by name here on this upstanding outlet. In any case, international gamers are welcome to join in on the competition but won’t be eligible to win prizes.