The last Tuesday in November sees the release of one new AAA title, one new indie title, and a few game bundles. Prepare to ride again in Darksiders III, where you’ll take control of the whip sister of the four horsemen. Floor Kids is a breakdancing music game. Ride 3: Gold Edition comes with access to the full game three days early, the season pass and a few other goodies. Pool Nation Snooker Bundle features the Pool Nation FX and Snooker Nation Championship together in one bundle. Finally today, the Batman: Arkham Collection brings together all three definitive Batman Arkham games and post-launch content in one bundle.

Get ready to get on the ground and trick out in breakdancing glory. Featuring a dynamic score system. Unlock various venues pulling off a variance of different moves. The game promises creative controls that allow you to play the game the way you would like to. Play alone or in two-player local multiplayer split-screen. Wiggle and worm your way from a nobody to a somebody. Floor Kids is available now on Xbox One for $19.99.