Today we have two new releases sneaking in quietly before State of Decay 2 captures all the attention near the end of this week. Forgotten Anne is the newest game in the Square Enix Collective and Wizard of Legend is an Xbox One X enhanced dungeon crawler brought to us by Humble Bundle.

Forgotten Anne is a beautifully hand-animated game that uses the same techniques that brought many of your favorite films to the screen. Players will tell a branching story as they progress through the game making dialog choices. The world is full of Forgotlings, which are creatures that exist in the form of everyday objects. Players will control the power of Anima and solve puzzles to save the Forgotlings and the world from a deep conflict. Along the way, players will gain new abilities. Forgotten Anne is out now for $19.99.

Wizard of Legend is a fast-paced dungeon crawler that focuses on magic combat. Players will have access to over 100 unique spells and combinations as they dive into the fray. The game focuses on quick gameplay and offers players the ability to play their own way as they choose from all the spells at their disposal. The game has local multiplayer and is enhanced for the Xbox One X. Wizard of Legend is $15.99.