We have three new releases to Xbox One along with two new bundles. Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition and Indie Bundle: Shiness and Seasons after Fall are both available now on Xbox One. More importantly, North, Fear Effect Sedna and Scribblenauts Showdown release today.

North is a visually striking game where you play as a man applying for asylum in a city full of creatures and customs foreign to him. It has classicly cyberpunk elements and is a rather straightforward puzzle exploration game. For you achievement hunters out there this game can be completed rather quickly. North is $4.99 on Xbox One.

Fear Effect Sedna is an ultra-stylized steal title where players need to use the team and wits to take down enemies and solve puzzles. This sequel is meant to be a good starting place for new players to the franchise. Fear plays a distinct element in the game helping give players the need to balance the risk and reward behind increased damage dealt and susceptibility. Fear Effect Sedna is out now from Square Enix for $19.99.

Scribblenauts Showdown is a party style multiplayer game. There are over 35,000 objects to summon in 25 distinct mini-games. You can play with up to 4 friends in showdown mode battling it out. There are also 8 different sandbox levels you can play with just to see all the different possible interactions. Scribblenauts Showdown is out now for $39.99