Today is a busy day for new releases so let’s not waste any time and get right down to business. First up is The Escapists 2 from Mouldy Toof Studios, the developer behind the first Escapists. The sequel throws players into various prisons again and tasks them with devising a plan of escape. Escaping will require the utmost attention to detail and a willingness to play by the prison’s rules until it’s possible to make a break for it. The Escapists 2 also brings along a new combat system to liven up prison brawls. Players also have the option to unite with up to three other friends, via online multiiplayer or local co-op, and work together to bust out of the joint. There’s even a competitive mode for players really looking to test their skill. The Escapists 2 can be purchased here for $19.99.

Next up is SwapQuest from Rebusmind. SwapQuest offers a fascinating mix of puzzle mechanics and elements from old-school role-playing games. Players take control of Wilbert or Wilma and work to save the kingdom of Aventana from the Horde who are a swarm of cloud demons. As the story progresses, players will travel all throughout Aventana and see a myriad of cursed monsters, countless treasures, and slowly uncover the secrets of the Kingdom. SwapQuest can be purchased here for $9.99.

The last game to talk about today is Super Comboman: Smash Edition from Interabang Entertainment. In Super Comboman players take on the role of Struggles, a working class hero, as he battles an army of enemies and mega bosses from a massive construction organization called DoDoCo. It’s a 2D action-fighting game which means Struggles has to contend with platforming and enemies that are skilled in the art of classic 2D fighting game moves. The enemies Struggles defeats the more cash and fighting upgrades can be unlocked making him an unstoppable warrior for the people. Super Comboman: Smash Edition can be purchased here for $14.99.