Sometimes less is more. There are lots and lots of Trials HD tracks with explosions and huge jumps, but what about when you strip out all but a few basic props and try to create something magical? It’s quite a feat to accomplish, but xXDonReneXx did just that. Contrasts is a black-on-orange setting with a lot of artsy geometry. It’s not overly difficult, but there’s something about it that’s both visually appealing and fun to ride.

Difficulty: Hard
XBLAFans’ best time: 1:52:07

To download this course you’ll need to send a friend request to the gamertag linked below. Once they have accepted the request you’ll be able to download all of their courses through the game menu. Please be courteous and thank them once you have downloaded the track, then remove them from your friends list so others can have a chance to download the track.

Gamertag: xXDonReneXx

Also, we had some questions as to when we’ll be posting a tutorial to upload/download tracks to/from the internet. Well we’ll be making a post to our good friends over at explaining the basics of how it works so that they can begin to refine the process and start uploading their files. We’ll let you know when the process is out of “beta testing”.