Ardor: Torch 30 infantry with Napalm.
When in the Attack Fighter press RS to enter the bombing camera, the pull RT to drop napalm on 30 different Infantry.


Like a Fox: Do a barrel roll.
While in the Attack Fighter press either the LB or RB to make the jet do a barrel roll.



  • Collect all the stars in the sky, they are worth a good amount of extra money and allow you to get a good start on your defenses.
  • Planting two Machine Guns up front will help keep all Infantry under control.
  • Two Artillery cannons on the ship will keep all the vehicles at bay.
  • One Anti-Air unit on each side, just past the edge of the boat will handle the sky ways for you
  • Use the Attack Fighter to make quick work of all aerial enemies.
  • Save all batteries for the boss battle

Boss Tips:

  • Use the Attack Fighter as much as possible.
  • Keep your eyes on the jets battery life, with all the batteries you saved you should be able to stay in the Attack Fighter the whole battle.
  • When attacking Typhoon always come from the farthest distance possible and hold down on the LS to slow your plane down, giving you lots of extra time each pass for attacking.


Spawn Locations: All enemies will be either aerial or starting on the very front of the ship.

Wave 1
Attack Fighters – 4

Wave 2
Air Drop Planes – 3
Infantry – 30

Wave 3
Attack Fighters – 6

Wave 4
Heavy Gunships – 8 [attack]

Wave 5
Bomber Planes – 4

Wave 6
Helo Gunships – 3 [infantry] Infantry – 36

Wave 7
Attack Fighter – 4

Wave 8
Air Drop Planes – 4 [IFV]
IFV’s – 2
Infantry – 58

Boss Battle: Typhoon

Stage 1
Helo gunships

Stage 2
Medium Tanks

Stage 3
Attack Helo’s