When Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD gets its first piece of downloadable content about around a month after the game’s July 18 release, it will include the revert move along with new maps (only Airport has been confirmed to date) and skaters, Activision told Joystiq. Revert allows players to chain together a series of moves that would not otherwise be able to flow into one another.

Unfortunately, the move will not be compatible with the core game; rather, it will only be usable in the DLC. The decision was not an arbitrary one on Activision or developer Robomodo’s part. A representative from the publisher stated that “reverts were introduced in [Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3] and the levels were designed accordingly.” Therefore, it would not have been possible to make reverts work in maps that originated in the two Hawk games that preceded it.

The DLC will sell for 400 Microsoft Points when it releases. Joystiq was also able to secure the very first screenshot (above) of the remade version of Airport included in the pack.

Source: Joystiq