Tony Hawk has taken to YouTube to address a series of fan questions regarding the hotly anticipated Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD. Hawk talks skaters, soundtracks and physics in the short Q&A session recorded at this year’s GDC.

“The physics in the game are that of the first two games. It’s the same physics engine it’s just that it’s much higher res. The gameplay will be very, very similar, it will feel the same […] if you wanna do the big airs you can.”

On the soundtrack:

“The soundtrack we’ve mixed it with old and new so we have about half the songs that are in the original two games, the ones that people come to love and expect in our games. But in the interest of evolving the series, half of the soundtrack is new music.”

Hawk also confirms the inclusion of a band of secret characters (including Officer Dick) and touches on the game’s five online modes, although he keeps hush on concrete details. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is slated for release this summer.