Get ready, because things are about to get funky on XBLA. ToeJam and Earl and ToeJam and Earl in: Panic on Funkatron will be hitting XBLA and PSN soon. While Sega officials have not confirmed a date or price point, the creators of ToeJam and Earl have confirmed that Sega plans to release the games across both platforms. It is not yet known if the games will be released together or separate.

Greg Johnson is one of the original creators of the ToeJam and Earl Series. He and Mark Voorsanger are founders of ToeJam and Earl Productions, Inc. In addition to the two games that appeared on the Sega Genesis, ToeJam and Earl III: Mission to Earth was released in 2002 as an exclusive title for Xbox.

In regards to future of the series, Johnson has aspirations that there will be another game. “I get so many requests from fans,” said Johnson. While Johnson said there will not be a ToeJam and Earl game in the near future, he did offer some promise for their funky fans.

Johnson said that while he is currently working on another project, TJ & E Productions is hopeful that there will be another ToeJam and Earl game. “I particularly want to create a new cross platform multi-player version of TJ & E and set the characters in some new environments – but with the original rogue-like game-one game play.”