The third episode in a series of Developer Diaries for Worms Revolution has been published and sees the game’s Senior Producer, Kelvin Aston, describing the new class based system along with some fun customisations. According to the video we can expect to see four classes available to chose from. The Solider is the default all-rounder that we’ve already met in previous Worms games, the Scout is fast and nibble but weak, the Scientist, identifiable from his massive brain filled head, can offer support by revitalising health, and finally the Heavy class, a meaty chap with a powerful punch but who is a slow to manoeuvre.

Players can also customise their worm with a variety of head gear, victory dances and voices. Worms can also be given “trinkets” such as footballs and teddy bears, which offer no effect on the battle but are fun visualisations to watch while you’re waiting on your turn. Worms Revolutions is expected to release later this year. If you missing the first two instalments in the Developer Diary series, we’ve got both episode one and episode two to catch up on.