Telltale Games have revealed that their upcoming episodic adventure game adaptation of The Walking Dead is just about ready. The game is expected to be submitted for approval on Xbox Live Arcade this week, a process which is thought to take around six weeks. In an interview with Digital Trends, Telltale Games CEO Dan Connors expressed his desire to get the game out as soon as possible to capitalize on the TV show’s popularity. With the second season of The Walking Dead set to end on March 18 in the US, an April or May release at the latest is hoped.

We recently spotted a marketplace listing for The Walking Dead showing a release date of April 25. While this may only be a place holder date, it does tie in with Telltale’s expected release window and is also exactly 6 weeks today so you never know! The listing also shows off some new screenshots which you can check out here after the jump.

Source: Digital Trends
Image Source: Xbox Live Marketplace