Developer Supersonic Software discussed the process of creating the tracks in their upcoming title Wrecked: Revenge Revisited in a blog post. They stated that they take a quality over quantity approach when it comes to the number of tracks in the game, that include dense jungles and icy fields. Read the full article to see detailed descriptions of all the tracks.

Brockridge Mine is the first track Supersonic Software worked on. Originally inspired by Tierra Piedra, a track from Supersonic Software’s 2004 game Mashed, stating that this track provided them with a grounding point for the game because it includes a lot of features supported by the engine, and is fun to play and look at. Development of this track was troubling, as it required multiple tweaks to get the physics and track shape to align correctly.

Icebridge is also inspired by a track from Mashed. Polar Wharf inspired the developer to make a track that has its addictive nature and fun physics, saying that making a track like Polar Wharf that didn’t have its addictive nature would be “a fail.”

Jungle Temple is a simple track that serves as a starting point for new players. The challenge for Supersonic Software was to create a track that was accessible but not boring for veterans, which is why they added hazards to the edges of the track and made it a perfect location for epic weapon battles.

Jungle Falls is the longest track in the game, providing a section that offers many alternative routes. A secret shortcut is also in the track making it feel a little like a chase scene from an Indiana Jones movie.

Daredevil Peak is a short track, but a favorite in the offices of Supersonic Software. It’s perilous due to thin roads and cliffs around all edges of the track and is a perfect multiplayer track when played with myriad weapons.

Arctic Outpost is the second longest track in the game and has the most complex shape. It has a wide icy section filled with tight turns, finishing with a corkscrew that exits through a tunnel.

Wrecked: Revenge Revisited should be released soon, but no official release date has been announced.