State of Decay developer Undead Labs took to their forums post-PAX Prime to address fan questions that lingered after the game’s demonstrations. We could bore you with a lot of wordy prose here, but to simplify, here’s a nice bulleted list of questions that were answered.

  • There are multiple zombie types, each with different running speeds. Any zombie will move faster if altered
  • Each character has unique traits, strengths and weaknesses that will affect gameplay.
  • Micro-managing survivors isn’t necessary. If they’re hungry/thirsty and food is around they’ll take care of it themselves
  • There is no planned DLC at this time
  • The main story arc will take 10-15 hours to complete
  • There is no gasoline in State of Decay. Presumably that means that cars will just run without using consumables
  • Weapons can break, but can also be fixed on a workbench in the survivor base
  • There is no currency in the game. Influence over other characters can get players access to their supply caches
  • Players will start the game as Marcus
  • Ammunition will have to be obtained. It cannot be crafted

If you have questions be sure to stop by the Undead Labs forums and ask away. In the meantime be sure to look through our coverage of the game for more information.

Source: Undead Labs