The Behemoth recently made a new blog post showcasing Prisoner #10304 from their upcoming platformer BattleBlock Theater. Prisoner #10304 has a unique yet strange obsession with grenades, which serve as his main weapon. In early builds of BattleBlock Theater, The Behemoth took a lot of fan feedback and has since not only tweaked the way grenades work, but has also enabled players to deflect grenades and turn the tables on the legions of evil cats that serve as your enemy. Yes, you read that right. Check out the video above to see Prisoner #10304 in action, and head over to The Behemoth’s blog for further details on the character, and grenade spamming with Prisoner #10304.

BattleBlock Theater is The Behemoth’s highly anticipated third release which is scheduled to hit XBLA this year. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for plenty more BattleBlock Theater coverage down the road!

Source: The Behemoth Dev Blog