After being announced a few months ago, details on the new Telltale Games Batman game have finally been revealed. During a panel at the SXSW Gaming Expo Telltale revealed a handful of details regarding the upcoming game including that players will be able to play as both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Decisions made by Batman will not only effect Batman but also Bruce Wayne as well, and vice-versa. Players will also be given the opportunity to approach choices as either Batman or Bruce Wayne which will impact the story. The decisions made in the game will impact Gotham and also villains in the game.

Telltale also revealed via its blog that the universe is its own universe and does not take any inspiration directly from any other Batman games, comics or films. Telltale will also be using a enhanced version of its engine but still will be sticking to their usual comic book art style for the game. The game is expected to release this summer. Currently Telltale is also working on The Walking Dead: Season 3 which is expected to release later this year.