As XBLA Fans reported last week, Telltale’s Batman: Realm of Shadows will feature a new multiplayer mode called “Crowd Play” when it releases tomorrow. If you were imagining massively multiplayer online experiences, though, prepare to check your expectations.

Telltale has updated its Crowd Play blog post to clarify that the multiplayer will be restricted to local-only and is designed specifically for four to 12 players. Though each member of the crowd will use his or her own device for voting, everyone will have to watch on the same screen as the player.

“Technically, it can support thousands of players, but they still need to be watching the same screen at the same time,” reads Telltale’s blog post. “This is mind-blowing in a theater full of fans, but we don’t expect you can fit 2,000 of your closest friends in your living room, so we’ve designed everything for smaller groups.”

Batman Crowd Play multiplayer

Continuing, Telltale assured gamers that it still plans to host events at movie theaters and other venues where it will take advantage of the ability to include a much larger crowd, but the studio did not announce any dates or details.

Telltale Director of Creative Communications Job Stauffer confirmed that Batman‘s Crowd Play will be local-only, while also whetting fans’ appetites by teasing another new project. “Going to be an amazing week,” tweeted Stauffer. “BATMAN [sic] premieres Tues w/ optional #CrowdPlay local multiplayer; plus an all-new secret project on the horizon.”

There’s not telling what the new project could be at this time, but XBLA Fans has reached out to Stauffer about when we might hear more about it and will update this story should he issue a response.

Source: Telltale, @jobjstauffer