Team17 Software has released its fourth video diary for its latest title, Worms Revolution. Each week, Team17 will be describing new aspects of their new game. This week’s edition featured Mark Diamond, senior designer for the game, going over the many different types of game modes.

Single-player is divided into two different modes. Campaign Mode introduces new classes to the games, and over 32 missions will help everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans learn about the new features incorporated in the game. Team17 is also bringing back Puzzle Mode, which will require a strategic approach to achieve different objectives. The mode will have 20 missions, increasing in difficulty as the levels progress.

Multiplayer boasts three different modes for a player to choose. Deathmatch pits worms against each other in a last-worm-standing free-for-all. Forts mode pits two teams of worms against each other on two separate forts with water in between the two masses. Players will have to use different aerial and other strategies to wear down the enemy worms and send them plummeting to their demise to the water below. Lastly, Classic Mode is catered toward “worms purists,” according to Diamond. In this mode, you are able to strip all the new features added to the game and “can get on with playing Worms classically as it was intended,” says Diamond. All three of these features are available for both local and online gameplay.

The 15th installment of the Worms series is expected to be released in Q3 2012.