TopWare Interactive announces Pressure
8 years ago

TopWare Interactive announces Pressure

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TopWare Interactive and developer Chasing Carrots have announced a new top-down racing game, Pressure. In the same vein as Micro Machines, TNT Racers, and many others, Pressure seeks to create a unique identity by setting the racing in a steampunk world. An evil guy has taken all the water and so you get in your go-kart and . . . you know what? Let’s just post the official synopsis.

The hero awakes to find the usually cool waters lake where he takes his morning bath completely dry and filled with cruel machines. The sinister Earl has drained the lake to be the site of his new Wellness Spa Temple. Thwarting his sinister plans and returning the valuable water to the citizens of the world is the main objective of the gameā€¦ as well as destroying his countless, caltrop-laying minions.

No release date or pricing information was released, but we’re guessing it will set gamers back around 800 MSP given the game’s current competition. Short videos showcasing a few of the game’s action sequences, characters and vehicles can be found after the break.

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