A number of things pop out of the ground in the hub of Supergiant’s wonderful action-RPG, Bastion. Anklegators and blacksmiths weren’t the only things the developer originally envisioned sprouting up through the bits of ground left behind by the Calamity, though. Speaking with Joystiq at GDC, designer Amir Rao said there were once plans to incorporate a “rich gardening feature” into the game that everyone at the studio was “really excited about” after working on it for a year.

Seeds would have periodically been doled out to players via planters. Gamers would then have had to plant the seed and nurture it with “blue cores” in a process that would have been similar to watering. The end result would have been a fruit that contained some sort of item.

So why didn’t the garden elements make the final cut? The word is that there were a multitude of issues, chief among them being that the team couldn’t figure out how to make a correlation between the seeds and the plants. “What does a ‘hammer plant’ look like?” mused Rao. That’s a question that only one man could possibly answer.

Source: Joystiq