Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games officially announced today the first game to emerge from a partnership deal between the two companies. Brothers — A Tale of Two Sons will release on Xbox Live Arcade next year. The game focuses on two brothers on a quest to find a cure for their ailing father. The siblings set out to find the Water of Life — their only option to revive the dying patriarch — and must learn to rely on each other to survive the journey. Starbreeze has recruited Swedish filmmaker Josef Fares (whose filmography includes Farsan and Leo) to assist with production of the game.

Beyond the premise, not much is known about Brothers, which was previously titled P13. The game is the first collaboration between the two companies, who announced their partnership earlier this month (505 will also publish a sequel to Payday: The Heist by Starbreeze next year).  Starbreeze is known for titles such as Syndicate, The Darkness and the surprisingly solid Chronicles of Riddick title; 505 is the company responsible for the Naughty Bear series and Sniper Elite.

Source: Gamespress via Polygon