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Ever wanted to be able to say your contribution helped make a game? Ever wanted to have an achievement named after you? Spiral Game Studios is giving avid gamers the chance to make a difference with money. Spiral has created a kickstarter page for its next game, Orion: Prelude, looking for a minimum of $10,000 from individuals that are into dinosaurs, mechs, and jetpacks. And for everyone that helps, Spiral will have some awesome swag: a t-shirt, a piece of concept art, an achievement named after you, or even your likeness used in a game (depending on the level of donation). To find out more about the awards and incentives check here.

The point of this fundraising is to secure key developers in the project who have been dedicating their time for free. Spiral also hopes to create a multiplayer beta for further testing and community feedback. Last—but definitely not least—Spiral will be able to bring a highly polished copy of Orion to this year’s Game Developer Conference, an event that’s absolutely critical for getting new games out to a huge network at once.

So check out the trailer below and read up on Spiral over at kickstarter to see if you’re interested in helping fund what could be the next huge XBLA hit. Hey. You never know.