The next bundle to land on Xbox Live Arcade launches today. Dubbed the Space Shooter Bundle, the package sends four titles into a modest orbit around 1600 MSP, saving you from dropping the comparatively galactic sum of 4000 MSP should you buy each title individually. Enough space puns yet?

The four titles included in the collection range in quality, but at the listed price you can’t go wrong. Sine Mora is the flagship pickup, offering up lush visuals, time-bending gameplay and that bizarre Suda 51 signature flourish. If the game flew under your radar – which it did for many, taking home our 2012 award for Best Game Everyone Forgot About – now’s your chance to make good.

The rest of the package includes a robust space-shooter-RPG experience in Fusion: Genesis, which brings a ton of content to the table. Rounding out the list are two old-school style, bullet hell entries in Radiant Silvergun and IkarugaAs always, these bundles tend to have a short lifespan, and once they’re gone, that’s it. If you see anything you like, you can head over here to lock in the purchase.