IGN has snagged face-time with senior vice-president of South Park Studios Greg Kampanis, who provides commentary and a walkthrough of the level Depths of Hell from upcoming XBLA-exclusive South Park: Tenorman’s Revenge. The video offers a brief glimpse at the second South Park game to grace Xbox Live Arcade, which looks to feature a wagonload of head-jumping and trinket-collecting enriched with South Park’s acclaimed brand of humor.

Kampanis promises Tenorman’s Revenge will feature 22 levels based on locations like the Pi Pi waterpark and heaven with different paths for each of the four playable characters. Tenorman’s Revenge also features 4-player online and local co-op as well as the ability to grief your chums, much like in Rayman Origins.

If we had our parents fed to us under the fiction that they were chili, we’d be hankering for some revenge too. Tenorman’s Revenge is set to release this year.