XBLA's Way of the Dogg

Fans of fighting games and Snoop Dogg (also known as Snoop Lion) are finally going to get a game with both of their loves rolled up into one! 505 Games and  Echo Peak, a new developer based out of the UK, are collaborating on Way of the Dogg, a rhythm-based fighting game. According to the official website, Way of the Dogg stars a character named America Jones (AJ), who is a fighter faced with many personal challenges. Snoop leads the way and helps train AJ to “find the beat that drives the fight” and learn the “Way of the Dogg.” Gameplay will consist of players matching the beats of popular Snoop Dogg hits to combat their opponents. It is unclear if the gameplay will feature a joint multiplayer mode (OK, that one was a reach.)

This is not the first time Snoop Dogg has played a role in a game. Most recently, he made a cameo appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and he appeared in True Crime: Streets of LA and Def Jam: Fight for NY prior to that. Details are still being hashed out for Echo Peak’s debut effort, but Snoop believes the game will be popular. “Everyone knows that Snoop is down with the biggest and best video games,” said Snoop Dogg in a 505 Games press release. He adds, “whether it’s droppin’ my hits on the soundtrack or showing the world I can go toe-to-toe with the best fighters on the street but [sic] the Way of the Dogg is the first true gamification of my music.” Developers are planning for the game to be released on XBLA and other platforms by the end of the year.