UndeadLabs_StateofDecay_ZombieNightUndead Labs’ zombie sandbox survival simulator State of Decay is on track for release early this year. Unfortunately, until the outbreak starts, there’s nothing to do but scavenge for every sustaining morsel of information that’s dangled before our slavering maws. Holding the strings of said edibles is Sanya, Community Director at Undead Labs, who has provided a peek at what you can expect to hear while wandering the infested wilds.

In her post, Sanya shares three tracks from the upcoming State of Decay; music designed to set the tone of a bleak and haunting atmosphere. After you’ve given them a listen, you can enter for a chance to score a State of Decay t-shirt. Simply visit the corresponding forum for the track you select, write a short story about what you hear and a winner will be selected at random from each thread, in addition to a community selection for best story overall. Be sure to read all the official details and act fast; submissions must be made by tomorrow, January 17, at 3 PM PST/6 PM EST/Midnight CET.

For those just looking to get your fix, you can check out each anxiety-inducing piece by hitting the links. Here’s hoping there’s more where these came from:

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Source: Undead Labs