We take a look at Ares’ abilities and a successful build to use in arena mode. Check out gameplay showing how to play him and vs him in this mirror match up. He can be incredibly powerful and fun to play in arena, offering a lot of damage from a tanky-CC guardian that has offensive incentives to buy aura items for his team. Smite is currently in alpha on Xbox One and should move into beta in May.

If you play Smite on PC or Xbox One we would love to know some of your favorite Gods and builds for them in the comments.


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Just a side note, a few things I did wrong in this video: I should have bought blink sooner. It’s huge for being able to dash into their team and hit the ult. The chains can actually hit three times not just two, which makes your 2 skill even more powerful as it is buffed for each chain on someone. Another good item to consider buying is the Spear of Magnus which combos nicely with the ticks from Ares abilities.