Smite Patch 4.4 is now live on console. It brings some new skins, as well as the new god Cernunnos, the Horned God. Cernunnos is a hunter in the Celtic pantheon. We will be working on some smite guides for Cernunnos over the next week. Arena has also undergone a visual change and has added back the bonus round for matches from the Escape from the Underworld. The full patch notes are available here.

Smite is officially three years old and to celebrate Hi-Rez is making this week extra special for players. For your first win during birthday week you will unlock a birthday global emote. Smite Gem packs are 33% off all week, and the Ultimate God Pack is also 50% off until Monday, March 27th. The God Pack unlocks all current, and future gods in smite and genuinely packs a great value.

Throughout the week other bonuses and sales are available to players in game.

  • Tuesday, March 21st
    • 3x Worshipers
    • 25% off the Roman Pantheon Chest
  • Wednesday, March 22nd
    • 50% off all Voice Packs
    • 25% off Hindu Pantheon Chest
  • Thursday, March 23rd
    • 50% off all purchasable Ward Skins and Avatars
    • 25% off Greek Pantheon Chest
  • Friday, March 24th
    • Unlock a free Enigma Chest roll for each First Win of the Day (9 max!)
    • 25% off Chinese Pantheon Chest
  • Saturday, March 25th
    • 2x Everything
    • 25% off Mayan Pantheon Chest
  • Sunday, March 26th
    • Earn 90 Gems for completing 3 First Wins of the Day
    • 25% off Norse Pantheon Chest
  • Monday, March 27th
    • Earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest Roll after 1 First Win of the Day (only on first win)
    • All Pantheon Chests 25% off

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