Charlie Murder

Ska Studios’ Michelle Juett Silva and James Silva spoke recently (via PlayXBLA) about the upcoming title update for the popular Summer of Arcade game, Charlie Murder. The update primarily serves to fix a number of different issues that players have reported, the most prominent of which relates to online play. According to the two-person team, “Networking in the real world is incredibly hard to duplicate in the test environment,” despite extensive checks for issues that would appear once the game had launched.

Other bugs include an issue with private matches within the game wherein they are not private and are available to all. In addition to this when players try to get the achievement that’s called “I’m Thorough” instead of collecting all 55 relics available in the game, they will only have to collect 54 as the final “Jeweled Cross” cannot be obtained by players. When the update becomes live, Ska Studios admitted that they will most likely reduce the amount of relics required for the achievement to 54. Also, Top Leaderboard scores do not show up correctly, with Ska Studios admitting that the players are “all too good at the game!” Finally, Tommy and Rex will be able to utilise the grab ability “to fly across the screen”. However, they think “it’s freakin’ hilarious,” stating that “[they’re] calling it a feature and leaving it in.”

There is no strict timeline for the update as they say that “The process is a slow and careful one”. A more comprehensive list of changes can be found on the PlayXBLA website.

Source: PlayXBLA