It’s not often a developer will stop production on a new game to update and re-release an older title. That is exactly what is happening with Sixty Second Shooter. Developer Jamie Fristrom recently recounted the recent changes in his project schedule. Quite possibly the most intriguing portion of the story is that over 1,600 Kickstarter backers were on board with a three-month delay in their game’s completion. Sony was also reportedly amicable and had no issues with allowing Energy Hook, the kick-started game, being delayed.

The reason for this schedule change is less sensational, but potentially extremely profitable. According to Fristrom, Microsoft’s Chris Charla mentioned that there were currently no indie “twin-stick shooters” being developed for the Xbox One. Fristrom quickly realized that filling that gap could both bring more attention to Sixty Second Shooter, as well as generate profit. This began the process of asking his Kickstarter backers to vote on what his course of action should be. The backers voted, and over 80 percent were supportive of the choice to delay Energy Hook. Microsoft stated that it certainly would do the same in a situation like this, as independent developers often have scheduling changes.

Source: Polygon