Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture have announced that development has concluded on Sine Mora, their side-scrolling bullet hell shooter, meaning that the game has been submitted for certification and its subsequent release onto Xbox Live Arcade. While we do not currently have a release date, there is more good news; The official Sine Mora Facebook page is hosting a contest. Just take a stab at guessing the game’s release date (which we hope is soon) and you’ll be entered to win a copy of the game when it becomes available. Furthermore, we have something special for those of you who have been following the game. Read on for a look at yet another one of the game’s colorful characters.

Meet GARAI 74/22876, the robotic ape with a bird resting on its shoulder. Originally manufactured to be part of the Imperial Guard’s Elite Squadron, GARAI was reprogrammed by the resistance to fight against those he was created to serve. Although we promised that the revelation of the lizard rocking sunglasses would be the last member of Sine Mora‘s cast to be revealed, we’re pretty sure we’ve seen them all now. But then again, these character reveals have been such an awesomely wild ride, we’re not really sure what to expect anymore.