Kramer 227 is a robot left behind on planet Auror, which just happens to be heading into its sun. As Kramer 227, you must journey across 20 levels and rescue your robot friends as you escape the planet.

One thing that sets Shiny apart from many other platformers (or games in general) is that this game is about saving lives. Developer Garage 227, says that this concept means there is zero violence or blood, and that the only thing killer is the power-ups.

Every move you make will drain your energy, meaning you will have to recharge regularly along the way. Not only do you need energy to power yourself, but you will need energy for every robot you save along the way. To make sure you have enough energy you will have to find batteries and generators on every level to make it to the end.

Shiny will be available October 11, 2017, and can be preordered now for $9.99.