Warface was publicly released for the Xbox 360 on April 22, 2014. Less then one year has passed, but Crytek has already announced that Warface for the Xbox 360 will no longer be available after February 1, 2015.

A Warface moderator on the xbox.com forums had this to say: “It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce you the upcoming closure of Warface: Xbox 360 Edition. We considered every option before making the difficult decision to end the product that brought us together.”

The moderator then goes into further detail saying, “We’re always evaluating our portfolio to ensure that the experiences available on Xbox suit the needs of our community. Player demand and creative direction sometimes mandate that we shift our focus onto other games and opportunities.”

How will this affect the players? Jump inside to find out.

  1. Warface has been taken off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Players that have already downloaded the game before the removal can still re-download the game in their Download History.
  2. No new players will be allowed to join the experience.
  3. Current players will no longer be able to purchase more premium currency — “Kredits.”
  4. Any Kredits on hand can still be spent on purchases and any unspent Kredits will be converted back into Xbox credits of similar value into a player’s Microsoft account.
  5. Progress and Kredits will not transfer to the PC version of Warface.

There is at least one bright side. Items in the in-game armory are 30 percent off starting December 4.

Until February 1, 2015, there is still time to play for those that have already started the game. Put your game face on, the battlefield is waiting.


(If these soldiers could speak, they would say, “Sorry guys, we’re coming home.”)

Source: Crytek & Microsoft