So this past weekend we had a blast playing Section 8 Prejudice with the XBLA community. We met a lot of awesome guys online and had a blast playing with TimeGate Studios. Huge thanks to Microsoft and TimeGate Studios for allowing us to participate in the event. We’ve submitted your questions, including a few we gleaned from the event itself to TimeGate.

As most of you know, we ran a contest leading up to the event and we were pleased with the responses we got, especially from our fans on Twitter. You guys kicked butt helping promote this event. Facebook fans, we hope you take this as a challenge to step it up next time!

Here are our winners for the drawings and contests:


John Kidman:

Dustin Shepard:

Section 8 is the game for me.
I will love it you will see.
add me on xbox
and play with me.
But first I need the code
to play all the modes
I’ve got the trial
and been playing it for a while.
so please help me out
and send me on the right route.


Mark Litzinger:
Were you nervous about releasing such a full game as a downloadable instead of a retail release? Has this format been as much of a success as you hoped?


Due to the lack of Facebook responses, we could not award a facebook winner. Congrats to everyone who won, and thank you to everyone who entered.